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  • Useful for arthritis.
  • Modifer for skin color.
  • Removes warmness of the body (a symptom of Amenorrhea).

How to use :

By virtual dyeing two times daily.

  • Useful for the disease of malaria.
  • Activator for liver and spleen.
  • Diuretic for urine and menses.
  • Fragment cholelithiasis.
  • Useful for indigestion.
  • Useful for obesity and corpulence.
  • Purifies blood from (toxics, cholesterol and extra sugar).

How to use :

1 teaspoon twice daily with a warm drink.

30 ML - 1/2 Kilo - 1 Kilo

Vitamins (A, B, C) – Iron – Magnesium, Alterbennin and Mannitol.