Oils used




Mint + cinnamon + clove oils For Rheumatism, sciatica and lumbar vertebrae
Cumin oil For Arthritis
Radish + mustard + dill oils For Neuropathy
Radish oil For Gout
Frankincense and black seed oils As Mucolytic and expectorant
Fenugreek + anise + fennel oils As a galactagogue
Ginseng + juniper oils For sexual stimulation
Fenugreek + lettuce + wheat germ oils For Men and women fertility
parsley + dill oils For Kidney stones removal and pain relief
Garlic oil For renal failure
Radish + mint oils For gall bladder stones
Castor + sweet almond oils As a laxative
Cinnamon + marjoram + mint + cumin oils For menstrual pain and disturbances in women
Black seed + linden + thyme oils For Respiratory and tonsils problems and cough
Anise + marjoram + cumin oils For dyspepsia and colitis
Fennel + thyme + cinnamon oils For gastritis
Onion + radish + juniper oils For diabetes
Dill + parsley + radish oils As a diuretic
Pumpkin seed oil For pus in urine
Black seed + garlic + celery oils For hypertension
Black seed oil For immune system and protection from cancer
Lettuce + cinnamon + olive oils As a cardio tonic
Ginger oil Respiratory diseases and reduction of temperature.
Olive oil For high cholesterol levels and as an anthelmintic

Chamomile + jojoba oils

Dermal problems, eczema and allergy

Bitter almond oil + skin cream containing black seed oil Skin whitening and softening - freckles removal – wrinkles elimination – black pimples.